To improve our students known of Europe we’ve made some puzzles. They have 6 month to practice and we will do a challenge in Berlin for the last Trip ! Time to beat 1’30 min.  

Sum up on the danish logos ERASMUS+

Danish logos Before the trip to Montbrison, we developed some different logos in our class. We wanted to make a combination with the different countries in the project and sustainability in the logos.  This is what we ended up with:   Overall winner (France): 

Trip to Montbrisson, 7 – 11 March 2017

7th March: We arrived in Montbrison, and were ready to meet all the Erasmus students and our French families. On the school we made some activities at the amphitheater, where the different countries made some presentations with their ideas and solutions to sustainability. In the school’s technical room we made some activities where we should Lire plus …

The advancement of the project !

We are washing the phone box,we are destroy the inside’s elements . Unset the autosticks wich were on the glass of the box. We had a problem with a lock, thanks to an American drill we were able to open the phone box. During this time, other people took the measurements of the box and reproduced Lire plus …