Projects for the ERASMUSwork in Denmark

We are looking forward to seeing all of you again — and we have made an exciting programme for you.

At first, an introduction to Himmelev Gymnasium, Roskilde and Denmark:

There will be a Powerpoint with different slides about Denmark, Danish culture, Roskilde and the famous festival and at last our gymnasium.

Solar cell system:

A Danish group of students is making a film concerning establishment of a solar cell system on the Danish gymnasium, Himmelev.

The school’s energy consumption:

Another group of students is making a film concerning the school’s energy consumption throughout the years, where they will compare the water consumption and the consumption of electricity.

The problem of energy at the municipal election:

There will be made a Powerpoint about energy in Denmark, and the problem of energy at the municipal election. there will also be shown to parties, partyprogramme and how they deal with the problem of energy consumption.

An article of the project and work:

There will be produced an article about the entire ERASMUS project and how the work has come together.
The article will be written in Danish and later on published in a local paper.